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Sweets By The Creek Longview Honey

About Us

A family bees-ness

Sweets By The Creek is a family-owned honey business located in Longview, Alberta. We have been creating high-quality honey and goods for over 20 years. Our honey is made from the nectar of the clover that grows in the surrounding Foothills, giving it a unique and delicious flavour.


We take pride in our sustainable practices and our commitment to the environment.

Meet Sarah

Owner + Beekeeper

The path to what is now Sweets by the Creek all started when I was living in Okotoks, and decided to move closer to where I grew up. In 2001, I found a house in Longview and bought it! Two weeks before Christmas I was moving in, and started on the renovations. I was buying furniture, building supplies and unpacking all at the same time.

The realization that Christmas was getting closer suddenly hit me, and I was seriously tired of spending money by this point. I started to flip through some recipe books and came up with the recipe for East meets West. I made the decision everyone would be getting the same thing that year. I made a big batch of East meets West and packed a few jars to send off to my relatives in Ontario. The rest went to my family and friends in Alberta.

After Christmas, the calls started to come in from my family. They loved it! They thought I should start selling it. Next was a call from my aunt in Ontario. She told me everybody was excited to get it and loved it too. Even my uncle. He didn’t like walnuts at all but he liked them in the honey. They both gobbled it up. My aunt thought I should also start selling it. She’s the type of person that doesn’t give compliments easily.

I thought I would try.

Sarah Hays
Sweets By The Creek Longview Honey
What makes our honey different?

Honey is flavoured by the resources bees have access to, the flowers and landscape. Our bees explore the Foothills and venture to the Rocky Mountains and enjoy the unique flowers our area is known for, making our honey, truly Canadian and unique. One taste and you will see.


Honey makes a truly unique souvenir of locations.

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